Thursday, December 3, 2015

News Value v/s Media Ethics

Thousands of News Papers, Hundreds of News Channels, various news portals and lots more, circulated among cities and rural corners,
India is well connected & well established in its news distribution system,

based on the ownership & origin like local, national and international platform; sources of news, presentation quality and value of our media changes

but when we look at the quality of news, social values and its ethics, we can see every news media in India stand with the negetive side

we understand that, News distribution is a business now, and like any other business they are also producing or collecting news products which attract more customers, but the normal scenario which i cannot agree with is they are selling more of negetive news,
news on crime, thats the favourite news products, and every news editors belive that, this is what carry the highest news value

I really dont understand who created a standard on news value, is that because all Indians are crime lovers!!?

No, no body will accept that!! but then why? why indian news medias are filled with crime & sex related news,

I agree that some criminal related news does good purpose, sometimes some negative news help people to prepare and to be more safe. But sex oriented criminal stories like group rape, father V/s daughters, teachers v/s students, etc send wrong signals to the society,

some times more than good, these kind of stories create unstability in social relationship,

India has got more than a billion citizens and if one case of sexual harrassment in a family against nature & social value, cannot be taken as normal incident, it should be and will be rare incident.

but when a news media create hype on these kind of news and circulate this to thousands of readers then it create an effect of normal and regular incident,

We all know that the Human beings are social beings and they learn so many things from external sources and media, and most of the psychological learning will influence the character of a person.

there for my question is, why not the media in India can concentrate on good news with good social value and spend less space on negative and crime involved news.

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