Thursday, December 3, 2015

Don't spoil our Tribals

I have visited few tribal colonies in Kerala with some foreign nationals and after completing the visit the vistors said that the colonies we have visited are not tribal colonies!!

I also felt the same thing because the tribal houses are completely done with cement and concrete,

traditional houses or accomodation style of all these tribals had been completely demolished and replaced with a modern construction style, I believe that this construction change is not at all implemented with the mutual approval or acceptance by the Tribals,

but it was only an onesided decision from the Politicians who rule our Country, and the sad thing is all these constructions are incomplete,

we all know who must have got benefited from this "upgraded lifestyle implementation" for tribals, only the middlemen and bad Indian Politics

I just wanted to tell you this. . .

Tribals are Tribals, they are not civilised human society and if you try to implement some thing which a Civilised World might need to a tribal in the forest, then , No doubt!! will end up in destroying that particular Tribal society from the base,

Please leave the Tribals to live and survive in the way they like and dont let any civilised involvement to disturb their lives,

Please keep them away from the outside world and that is the only way to protect them, Today every one are saying we are helping the tribals to live a better life, we are providing the better education and taking them up for a better life and, we can clearly find out that all these activities had spoiled the genuinity of somany tribal societies in India,

we need a strong law to protect them from Outside involvements like we protect animals,

Like the animal wild life, all the tribals know how to survive, don't destroy them by dragging them to the polluted civilised society.

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