Monday, January 16, 2017

Why can't India be the Leader ?

How America, Japan, Russia & China lead the world and India still struggle to get into leaders' spectrum.

Its just because of the attitude of the general public and the behavior pattern they acquired by centuries

When Hiroshima & Nagasaki were bombed, that was one of the largest tragedy a country has to survive, but Japanese didn't blame their ruler rather they got united with high spirit of nationalism,  feel of unity and that made them strong enough to rebuild their country better than the past

When World Trade Center is destroyed, Americans didn't blame their ruler rather they got united and supported every tough step taken by their government, when America branded a whole religion as terrorists, Americans didn't screamed out by saying "oh our president is anti minority" rather they supported the decision of their government blindly stood with it, this sense of unity and spirit of nationalism still keep them as the leader of this whole world

When America and its allies banned Russia in international market and when Russian industry and normal public started struggling commercially and economically they didn't blame their ruler rather they stood united with the government, and later the whole world surrendered in front of Russia and took away the ban, this spirit of unity and nationalism made them powerful to overcome these international struggles

When China banned foreign media and social networking sites in their country, people didn't blame their rulers for shutting international doors and their freedom rather they supported the decision of the government and stood with it, that feel of nationalism and unity made them to grow as a threat to the leading countries in the world

and all these countries have few things in common . . .

>> They have high level of nationalist feeling
>> They don't respect any foreign language
>> They are proud of their army and respect their soldiers
>> They don't allow much freedom for foreign medias to their country
>> They often exploit resources of other countries and dont allow others to exploit their resources
>> They are proud of home brands than foreign brands
>> Opposition parties may fight each other but for the nation they are united

When we talk about India, all these common factors of leading countries with India are missing, in fact its not only missing

but we can see just the opposite in India

>> We are loosing nationalists feeling and if somebody support the interest of our nation then that person will be hated
>> We respect English, French, German etc than Sanskrit and our regional languages
>> We make fun out of our Army and do all effort to insult our soldiers
>> We have given all freedom and always respect and blindly believe foreign or foreign funded media
>> We let others to exploit our resources and we don't get a chance to exploit them
>> We respect Maggie, KFC, Dominoes, etc than the western world do and we hate our home brands
>> Our opposition parties always support anti national movements to just fight against the ruling party

Close your eyes, Just think for a moment...

Its immaterial who rule India, its only matter that we Indians should love India,

otherwise we continue to be the slaves of foreign culture and India cannot be the Global Leader even after 1000 years.