Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why there is a hype on Women Equality in Hindu Temples?

India is going through a new level of political scenario with dirty dramas and irresponsible political games,

The favorite weapon now is "Communal" !! and needless to say this is the most deadliest weapon, 

Recent news items circulated and hyped in India like Dalit issues & Women equality in Hindu temples are created with very planned objectives, 

First it was Sabarimala, an organization called Indian Young Lawyers association filed a public interest case in Supreme court to allow Women in Sabarimala, the funniest thing was those who initiated the case and the advocate who filed the case didn't have any idea about Sabarimala and its customs, Actually there is no ban for women in Sabarimala and only ladies fall into an age group from 10 to 50 yrs only restricted their , it is based on the concept and serious spiritual process of Sabarimala and no one from the crores of devotees of Sabarimala doesn't have a problem in it, 

Now it is Shani Shingnapur !! 

This is the time we should seriously look into the root of these issues, we should find out ...
  • who is behind these issues (not the front end activist) ?
  • who is funding the media to make this a hype?
  • is there any terrorist involvement or conspiracy behind these issues?
If Hindu temples are targeted for Women entry or equality above the spiritual permissible limit of that temple, then there will be definitely a movement towards allowing women entry in Muslim Mosque too, 

its high time, we need to find the root behind these issues, In Sabarimala women entry issue; the president of the Organisation filed the case was Mr, Naushad Ahmed Khan (even though he denied his involvement in the case), and Naushad Khan is a leading member of Aam Admi Party, here in Shani Shingnapur it is Trupti Desai she was part of Anna Hazare movement.

We should also look into the connections of AAP with Islamic Terrorist Organizations to create communal unrest in India, 

Now in India AAP is the best medium for any terrorist organisation through which any one can fuel any kind of Anti National movements in India with a secular mask and anti BJP emotion.