Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Women Equality, Freedom of Dressing & Sexual Harassment in India

2 march 2016

Its became normal to have a discussion in India on sex & women equality, and I have seen feminists are fighting on freedom of dressing and equality with men, and interestingly most of our intellectual people found to be supporting this one-sided argument blindly.

I get bit confused when women says equality with men, one thing we all know that we cannot compare a woman & man because they are completely different biological entities, and I feel sad when women’s idea of equality with men is just an effort to copy a Man’s life

They just try to copy a Man and say that’s how they can achieve equality, they want to work like man, walk like man, dress like man and through which they want to achieve equality.

But according to me, a woman is superior than a man, man is physically strong and emotionally week, a woman is the strength of a man to dilute his emotional struggles, women owe mental beauty and of course mental beauty will sustain and cherish for life long and even after death but physical strength will get destroyed, woman is joint bolt for the existence of any family system and there for the basement stone of any societies’ survival.

So, my point is; arguing for equality with men will make a woman more inferior than a man, instead a woman has to strive to become a model woman to which the whole family is depended, the whole society and the existence of the whole world is based at. She should practice and showcase classical dance, art & performance which suites her and every one will love to see that,

but at the same time I wont deny the fact that some women are capable of taking up and executing tasks and duties better than man, and some times the women equality argument are raised will contain some genuine reasons like economical freedom & self dependency, and some times women equality arguments carry, exploitation & torturing towards women but this point is also applicable to men too.

most of the time we find that the biggest enemy of women are women only, and there for I suggest women should not raise the slogan of equality with men instead they should raise slogans for equality among women

every man respect a woman as a mother and that’s why a pregnant woman has given utmost care and respect in society in public by any man even he is a criminal or a rapist.

Now my next point is on sexual harassment & rapes in India,

Sexual freedom or at least the freedom of dressing is an argument raised by women from the civilized social segment of India,

The main confusion lies in the definition of ‘decent dress’ and the question is who will define a dress code for women, and of course, before this argument get presented there is another basic question comes in, that is “why should we restrict and define the dressing freedom of woman?”
A democratic country like India provide freedom for dressing but do not permit public nudity,
Now let’s get into this matter little more deep on the basis of culture & human science
Ancient India with its contribution to science, education, culture, and spirituality is been respected all over the world all the time.

India maintained a more civilized & respectful outlook towards sex and its practices, in India Sexuality is been equally treated with spirituality, that’s why there is a practice of worshipping “Shiva Linga” which portrait the very existence of Nature on sex & reproduction and the importance of understanding sex in the most realistic and right way, we have sexual positions incarnated on the walls of our temples, we had scientific book for pleasure full and healthy  sexual practices, we have religious practices in India to celebrate when a girl attain sexual maturity, all these things treat and present sex as an activity which should be respected and admired, these practices were helping people especially to teenagers to understand and respect sexuality in the right way.
But due to the results of invasions by Mughal as well as Europeans in India and there influence in our culture has destroyed our outlook on all these valuable practices and believes, When time passed, we learned sex as crime and bad thing, there was a suppression on the learning of good sexual practices, sex is treated as dangerous and destructive action and misguided the physical and sexual behaviour of Indians.

Rather than ‘Kamasutra’ we call sex as ‘pornography’, it’s been considered as a shameful act, respect to this human science is completely lost.

And back to our point on Sexual & dressing freedom of girls in India,

I was watching a talk show on freedom on dressing by woman in India, and one technical point raised by a lady doctor found valuable, She said “mostly women are sexually harassed by men, why not men are attacked by women, the reason was the biological difference between Men & Women, Man is physically and biologically created as an active sexual being where as Women are created as passive sexual being,  Sexual behavior pyramid of Men are just the opposite of women, because men has to take initiative for sexual relationship and to get erected by just experiencing the physical structure and organs of women, his body is biologically build as something which has to react physically to the body of a woman, so normally man have a behavior hierarchy of “Physical Attraction >> Sex >> Love >> Care” but at the same time Women behavior hierarchy is just the opposite of men that is like “ Care >> Love >> Sex”

There for exposed dressing or body language of women will attract a man physically and that behavior is the most important factor for human reproduction, Human being has the ability of reasoning and that is what help us to maintain a structured social and sexual behavior system,

but creating sexual impulses in public among unknown people might be danger to girls because we cannot judge the mental status or the hidden psychological situation of a person near to us.

Sometimes girls purposefully practice exposed dressing to attract their loved ones or sexual partner but with the same outfit they travel in public by not caring about strangers connecting them and observing them, might leads to tragedies,

but the act of raping has to be treated as a psychological & physical criminal activity and we should treat it as a special case not as a general behavior. Behind every rape or sexual harassment we can find personal mistakes done by the victims,

sexual harassment is not limited to rape, sexual harassment is happening on kids both boys and girls, sexual harassment is happening between husband & wife, between family members, teachers & students etc., all these things show us the dangerous misconception on Sex and suppressed sexuality in our society at present, we need to get back to our ancient system of sexual education and right way of sexual practices to create a sensible and responsible human system which can differentiate & value the role of sex in human relationship to maintain a more safe and secured society.